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Raw Food Retreats

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Where you can rest and heal and learn about a healthy lifestyle. Please contact them to get more information.

The Annapurna Inn
538 Adams St.
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Contact: Robin
A raw-food bed and breakfast nestled in the Pacific Northwest.

Ann Wigmore Foundation
P.O. Box 399
San Sidel, NM 87049
The Ann Wigmore Foundation is a retreat and healing center that advocates enzyme-rich plant-foods to heal the body. Educational classes are offered. Call or write for more information.

Ann Wigmore Institute
P.O. Box 429
Rincon, Puerto Rico 00677 USA
Tel: 787-868-6307, Fax: 787-868-2430
Contacts: Leola, Lalita
The Ann Wigmore Institute is a retreat and healing center. The Institute offers detoxification and healing programs using wheatgrass and enzyme-rich plant-foods to heal the body. Educational classes are also offered.

Creative Health Institute (CHI)
112 West Union City Rd.
Union City, MI 49094
Tel: 517-278-6260, Fax: 517-278-5837
Contacts: Hiawatha Cromer, Don Haughey
CHI is a healing center offering an incredible 2-week cleansing and detoxification program as specified and fine-tuned by Dr. Ann Wigmore.

Eden Retreats
Nature’s First Law
PO Box 900202
San Diego, CA 92190 USA
Nature’s First Law conducts several raw-food retreats each year.

Hippocrates Health Institute
1443 Palmdale Court
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
Fax 561-471-9464
Hippocrates is a healing retreat run by Brian Clement emphasizing the use of raw plant foods. For more information write or call.

(Longevity from Organic Vegetarian Enzymatic Indigenous / Indoor
Nutriceutical Garden)
P.O. Box 2853
Hot Springs, AR 71913
Contacts: Viktoras Kulvinskas & Youkta
This resort/school is situated on 90 acres within Ouchita National Forest.
Each year in the spring, LOVING hosts an “International Women Festival Of The
Healing Arts.”
LOVING promotes the following themes:
1. Micro-agriculture and live-food preparation
2. Divine Life-Style Consultant & Self-Healing Training
3. Spiritualized Guidance Applied to the 21st Century (How to know, before
the Earth changes visit your area, what to do, how to enjoy the now, and grow
spiritually under all conditions)
Write for a detailed brochure.

Optimum Health Institute (OHI)
6970 Central Ave.
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
Fax 619-589-4098
OHI is one of the best detoxification institutes in the United States. They have 1, 2, 3, and 4 week programs. 100% raw plant-foods are served on the premises. OHI offers affordable rates. Write or call for a free brochure.

Optimum Health Institute (OHI)
Rural Route 1
Box 339-J
Cedar Creek, TX 98612
Fax 512-303-1239
The new OHI in Texas operates a similar program to that found at OHI in San Diego. Write or call for a free brochure.

True Health Healing Retreat
22 Webber Close, Ogwell
01626 352765
Raw food and fasting retreat in the Devon countryside, England. Relax, detoxify, learn about our innate healing ability, overcome addictions, lose weight, heal yourself emotionally through emotional healing sessions, irdiology, health and nutrition consultations, raw food preparation classes, stress management consultations, health courses, etc.

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