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Natural Nutrition Interview with David Wolfe

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The following is an interview conducted by Barbara Simonsohn (famous author and German raw foodist) with David Wolfe on 2/27/1:

1. Why do you regard rawfood nutrition as the most natural and only healthy way of eating?

Rawfood nutrition implies two things:

  1. That the food we eat is plant-based.
  2. That the food is eaten raw.

If one attempt to eat from nature, one quickly discovers that raw plant foods, especially green leaves, are the easiest foods to obtain.
From a scientific standpoint, we know that eating green leaves is the easiest way to obtain alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, silicon, and iron. This helps to balance the acidity created by the "root, seed, muscle" (potato, bread/rice, meat) diet common to most of civilization.

From a pleasure standpoint, raw plant food simply tastes better than any other food. Cooked food actually has no taste and is bland. This is why condiments and spices are used. Some people new to raw food are surprised to hear this. Through experience the truth about taste is revealed.

Raw plant food is by far the most abundant food on earth, therefore it offers us the most chance of discovering the exact foods that work for each of our individual metabolisms.

From an environmental standpoint, eating raw plant food implies the least impact on other lifeforms and creates the opportunity to create more life through gardens and planting fruit trees. Eating raw plant food creates no pollution and provides a way of life that is 100% beneficial to the environment. Eating raw also compels one to live in harmony with the planet in other ways. For example, our business, Nature’s First Law, is probably the only business in the world that actually pulls more out of the trash than it puts in. Most of the shipping boxes we use have been thrown away by our neighbors!

From a spiritual standpoint, eating raw plant food awakens dormant powers of intuition, instinct, and consciousness. By eating raw, one becomes more aware of cause and effect. Cause and effect is the law of karma. What we do, either good or bad, comes back to us multiplied. One also becomes more aware of what is going on in and out of the body. This heightened awareness eventually makes it impossible to pollute one’s body or the planet or one’s spiritual energy.

2. What are the basics of The Sunfood Diet you recommend?

Green-leafy vegetables: These are the most alkaline foods. They are the best source of chlorophyll (transformed sun energy). They are the most balancing food (green is the color at the center of the rainbow). They are the best source of amino acids. They train us to chew our food more and thus strenghten our jaws, neck, and back. Wild green leafy vegetables contain a nice variety of trace minerals.

Sweet fruit: The funnest and easiest food to eat. Everyone has at least one favorite fruit! A great source vitamins — especially vitamin C. Also, a great source of bioflavanoids. Fruit sugar runs our brain and is our body’s "gasoline."

Fatty plant foods: This includes: nuts, avocados, olives, olive oil, some seeds, seed oils, durian, young coconuts, etc. These foods provide us with the world’s best antioxidant: raw fat! Plant-based fat sources provide twice as much energy as fruit sugar. Cooked fats — especially cooked oils — are one of the worst foods (hence the bad reputation of fat) and raw fat sources are one of the best foods.

All three of these food classes: green leaves, fruits, and fatty plant foods must be in a raw-food diet. They must be in an appropriate balance to each other in order for one to find balance on raw foods.

3. What is necessary to keep in mind when you want to eat raw and have success, physically and emotionally?

The process of detoxification is probably the biggest obstacle one will face. The younger one is and the better one’s diet has been throughout one’s life, the easier it will be. Eating raw and doing appropriate cleansing procedures (fasting, juice fasting, herbal cleanses, gall bladder flushes, etc.) will eventually drive out all the low-energy cooked residues and emotions out of one’s body. This is an intense process and can continue, off and on, for months, even years. Find a way to enjoy this process.

Continue to expand your intelligence, wisdom, and consciousness, by reading, meditation, and contemplation. One of the biggest obstacles to succeeding on raw foods is dealing with the intense "download" of information that comes to you, sometimes, seemingly out of nowhere. Embrace every transformation.

4. Could you describe the possible "dangers" of a wrong rawfood diet (i.e. eating sweet fruit only)?

The biggest danger with a wrong raw-food diet is demineralization. It is easier to become demineralized than it is to become mineralized. Both demineralization and mineralization will occur faster when one eats only raw foods. Probably the biggest mistake one could make is to either eat only fruit or eat everything but green-leafy vegetables.

Most people are already very demineralized and are not aware of it. To maintain and increase mineralization, I recommend eating more salads an d vegetables, also drinking a fresh vegetable juice each day (primarily green), and using our superfood product Nature’s First Food (available from or faxing +001-619-596-7997).

It is also important to transition to 100% raw in a step-by-step process. The body resists sudden changes. Everything should come in its own time. Too much, too fast may lead to an intense detoxification.

5. Why do you regard green leafy vegetables as essential?

They are the easiest food to find, thus, they are our most natural food.
They strengthen our teeth and gums. Problems with the teeth and gums are always related to a historic lack of green leafy vegetables throughout one’s life.
They are the best source of alkaline minerals.
They contain chlorophyll.
They activate our chewing muscles. Chewing calms the mind and activates deep contemplation and meditation.
They feed the green heart chakra.
Green is the primary color of nature.
Green leaves are the most calming foods.
Eating green leaves delivers the message strongly to our consciousness that organic or wild foods are truly the only options. Commercial produce has no taste, is devoid of minerals, and is loaded with pesticides.

Eating green-leafy vegetables is a discipline.

6. Why do you recommend to include plant fats (like in olives, seeds etc.)?

Fat is essential in the diet. Experience has shown me that some people can eat 5 times as much fat as others in a day — that is one example of how much our metabolisms can vary. Eat a quantity of fat that is comfortable. If one has overeaten fat, constipation may ensue, or perhaps one may experience the feeling of a hangover.

Coconut butter is the mildest fat and the best source of energy. Coconut butter is ideal for those with liver/ gall bladder trouble and others who trouble digesting fats. Coconut butter is one of the most medicinal foods on earth. It helps to boost hormones, mineralize the body, fight of candida, parasites, and certain viruses. Coconut butter should be cold-pressed from mature coconuts. I had the opportunity to source out the best coconut butter in the world when I was in the South Pacific last year. We now offer this amazing product through

7. Why are wild fruit, herbs and vegetables so important?

They contain the most minerals, the most life-force, and the most spiritual energy. Wild food has never been tampered with by human hands. I know one gentleman who healed himself of bone cancer. He was descended upon with negative peer pressure about his raw-food choice for healing. He consistently affirmed to himself the following phrase: "God is always right, man is always wrong." Some people say "Nature is always right, man is always wrong." My lady friends often tell me, "Woman is always right, man is always wrong!" Hah!

8. What is the spiritual and political impact of the rawfood way of life?

Eating raw eventually exposes one to the concept of parasites. All present-day governments are parasites run by banking interests that control the money supply and thus the politics of the world. The United States, for example, is not a democracy, but a plutocracy (rule by money).

The raw-food way of life affects all politics the world over, because all politics and all governments are based upon agriculture and the food supply. If you look at the farmer, you will see that they are the most ridden with the parasite governments of the world. If you are a farmer, it is difficult to make a living! That is totally unnatural. Being a farmer should be one of the easiest ways to make an abundant living. Organic farming is one of life’s most sacred callings.

What is beautiful about the raw-food way is that it allows you to lower your needs and increase your joy to such an extent that it is easy to live abundantly regardless of the government. It allows you to connect directly with the earth without need of a social interpretation of nature. This engenders a spiritual transformation. Reconnecting with nature and your true self is truly the basis of true spirituality. Although, the raw food has its own healing value, the spiritual transformation that raw food creates is essentially what heals you.

9. Do you regard natural supplements as important also for people on a rawfood diet? Why?

Supplements should never be the basis of a healing approach. Whole, raw, plant food is the basis.

Much depends on how "natural" the supplements are. Some supplements, such tocotrienols (a powerful form of vitamin E) can be very effective in helping to heal cancer. Standard multivitamins are commercially sourced and synthetic and therefore harmful in the long term. We have created a superfood product, Nature’s First Food, that covers all bases in one 100% raw powder. It contains over 40 probiotics for good intestinal bacteria, soil-based organisms, over a dozen densely mineralized superfoods. The results of using this product speak for themselves.

The main concern is making certain we get enough minerals in our diet. This is possible without supplements if one eats a wide-variety of wild foods in their diet. Without wild food, mineral deficiencies are likely and probable. One thing that I have learned and I saying I firmly standby is: "Minerals are required for higher consciousness."

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