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Home Exercise Program For Weight Loss Ė Will It Work For You?

If you want to lose weight, you probably donít want it to take up a lot of your time. So you might look into a home exercise program for weight loss.

You might think that if a little bit of exercise is good, a lot of exercise must be better. That isnít always true.

You may also think there is a better way than going to the extremes that some trainers advocate and you would be right.

The reality shows you see on the television all the time showing you have to do extreme exercise for weight loss, well that just wont work long term. In fact, most people who lose weight on those programs put the weight back on plus more.

You can over exercise

When you need to lose weight, throwing yourself into an extreme exercise program isnít going to do you any good at all. You could end up injuring yourself, preventing you from exercising for some weeks, and you certainly donít want that, do you?

A home exercise program for weight loss is probably the best way to start, giving yourself time to build up your muscles.

As your muscles are building you are burning fat, you may be impatient but it really is better for you to take it slowly.

While there may be workout routines that are called extreme exercise, it usually refers to simply exercising to excess.

Instead of jogging for an hour maybe someone will do it for 2 or 3 hours, working themselves to the point of exhaustion, that is the quickest way to get to hate exercising.

While some people might benefit from this type of weight loss exercise, most people wonít, it is a fact that most people will give up on the idea to exercise very quickly, as most just donít like exercising.

Slow and steady is best 

Most people who want to lose weight donít really have patience and lose interest very quickly. The thinking is that results should happen quickly, and that usually does not happen.

It takes years for some people to put the weight on so you have to realize that it will take time to take it off again, but with a good home exercise program for weight loss and a good eating plan you can achieve good results

Too Much Too Soon Equals Injury

If you donít start slowly when you begin an exercise program, but instead jump into it full force, you will also risk injury. Not to mention, you could burn out and not want to exercise at all.

With a home exercise program where you only exercise for 7 minutes 3 days a week doing each set of exercises every 10 days you are more likely to succeedÖand the best home exercise program for weight loss that I have come across is just that, it only takes  7 minutes and I actually look forward to each session.

This will help you meet your weight loss goals quickly and safely, I have been doing it now for 14 months and still look forward to each session. I have lost 8 kgs (approx 16 lbs) and still look forward to the next session.

Your Diet is important too

It is not just about exercise, it also about what you are eating and drinking so taking a holistic approach is a much better option. Diet drinks donít work so that is the first thing you have to learn, what is good and what is not, so you see itís not just about exercise.

Itís better to take it slowly and build up your exercise level at a normal pace. Starting with a couple of cans weighing as little as 500 grams or small set of dumbbells, and going up in weights at your own pace.

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