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Fruitarian Diet

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compiled by Dover Clifton

For centuries there have been movements, organizations and groups which have sought to prove that humans should not use meat in their diet. Likewise, there have always been many who claimed that no animal foods of any kind, not even milk and eggs, should be used by humans. Others have taken the middle of the road and condemned meat and eggs but permitted the use of milk. The first group, those who object to meat only, are commonly called lacto-ovo-vegetarians. The second group, those who object to eggs as well as meat, but permit milk in the diet, are lacto vegetarians. The third group, using only foods of the plant kingdom, are vegans.

The motives which provide the incentive for the activities of these various types of vegetarians are founded upon a mixture of ethics, philosophy, religion and science. Some of the vegetarians abject to meat as a food because it calls for the slaughter of animals. This slaughter they regard as immoral and say that it involves too much cruelty. Others, who use the religious argument, claim that the Bible speaks in favor of the exclusive diet of plant foods. A few of the vegetarians object to eggs and milk because using them for human food is supposedly interfering with normal plans of Nature. By using these foods they claim that we become parasites of the chicken and the cow. Occasionally you will find a vegetarian who believes that by eating flesh foods humans develop a tendency to be cruel, which leads to war. And at last but not least, we have the vegetarians who insist that we should live upon the spare parts of the plants only. They claim that our eating habits should conform to the "symbiotic norm" of Nature, this calling for cooperation rather than plants and animal destruction. These vegetarians do not recommend root vegetables, such as carrots and onions, because using them calls for the destruction of the entire plant.

Some people even think that the vegetarian movement was doomed from the start because the leaders failed to come to any agreement as to what constitutes a normal vegetarian diet and because they injected ethics, philosophy and religion into what should be strictly a science. People are often quite willing to live upon plant foods in order to retain their health, but they are less interested in being kind to animals and eating according to Biblical instructions or according to the so-called laws of symbiosis. Scientists likewise are interested in the plant food diet insofar as it affects the development of disease, but they do not care to study the moral affects of using animal foods. And all this is well and good. It might be true that people often are convinced only by science and science alone.

When we do go to science we find that the plant food diet is very effective. Indeed, the greatest amount of evidence seems to favor the viewpoint that no animal food of any kind is suitable for the human body to use and that they all help to produce disease. But this does not mean that just any plant food diet will produce good health. In fact, most of them won’t. The diets of many strict vegetarians are very poorly balanced and are in no sense health-building. They often lead to a physical condition which is inferior to that of people who use a mixed diet of both plant and animal foods.

The really healthy plant eaters – those who possess the finest bodies and who are highly immune to disease – are the fruitarians. The fruitarian diet is composed of the products of the plant kingdom, which are delicious and appealing to our taste in their natural uncooked condition. As fruits, green vegetables and maybe nuts are the foods which meet this qualification in an ideal manner they are the primary foods used by the fruitarian. The strict vegetarian diet differs chiefly from that of the fruitarian in that it usually is formed predominantly of cereals, bread and starchy root vegetables, whereas the fruitarian diet is composed chiefly of fruits and green vegetables.

At first glance the fruitarian diet perhaps appears to hinge on the borderline of fantasy. It calls for revolutionary changes in the conventional plan of nutrition. But, nevertheless, viewed from the standpoint of science, the fruitarian diet is ideal for humans. This is best seen when we consider our anatomical structure, protein needs, carbohydrates needs, the alkalinity of the body fluids and the effect of the specific animal foods upon the human body.

So what is exactly a fruitarian diet? Even then, everyone is confused. Some say that a fruitarian diet is a diet consisting exclusively of fruits and nuts. Others say that only fruits can be included in a fruitarian diet, and that nuts shouldn't be part of it. Yet others say that mostly fruit, but also some vegetables and nuts is a fruitarian diet.

We have to define the term fruit. Most people, when they think of fruits, have in mind bananas, apples and oranges, and they are right, these foods are fruits. But avocados, cucumbers, zucchinis and tomatoes are also fruits. In fact, anything with a seed and edible flesh surrounding it is a fruit. So pumpkin is a fruit, so is okra, olives, etc.

The plants produce the fruits in order to spread its seeds. By providing a source of nourishment for other animals, who will eat the fruits and spread the seeds around, the relation between fruit trees and fruitarian animals is what we call "symbiotic."

A frugivore is a creature that eats mainly fruits. Orangutans, gibbons and some types of bird are frugivores. Humans are frugivore too. Note that there is no animal on the planet that lives on fruit alone. All frugivorous animals eat green leaves as well. There is no such thing as a 100% fruit eater.

Some of our fellow raw-foodists have tried to follow such a diet and failed miserably. The reasons why won't be discussed in this article. If you are interested in getting more information, I would suggest reading The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe. For now, suffice to say that we must eat a balance of fruits, green vegetables and fats in order to stay healthy and balanced.

Many of you probably wonder why we assume that humans are frugivores, if at this present age almost no one lives on a diet consisting of mostly fruit. Many evidences show that humans are fruitarian creature.

t is quite obvious: fruit is our natural food. It is what we are naturally attracted to, it is what a truly healthy body craves.

Don't neglect non-sweet fruits too. Cucumber, avocados, olives and tomatoes are among the finest foods. Green leaves are also important.

And if you think that you wouldn't have enough strength on a diet of fruits and vegetables only, remember that frugivores are strong creatures! The gorilla is a frugivorous animal and among the strongest animals on the earth.

It's just pure common sense: fruit and green leaves are the best for us, among all the raw natural foods we can choose from. Doing something in accordance with our true biological design can only have positive consequences.

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