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Raising dogs on the raw foods

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by David Wolfe

I raised three dogs on raw foods. The first two dogs, Rocki and Swasi, were raised from 6 weeks old to over 3 years. The other dog, Grizli, was raised from 6 weeks to about one year.

My experience has been that dogs are easy to raise on the raw foods. Dogs are true omnivores. They can survive on just about anything. As a raw-foodist, I just fed them what I ate, and they loved it!

Their favorite foods are avocados, spoon meat coconuts, and nuts. My dog Grizli instinctively figured out how to crack walnuts and eat the nut inside without ever having been taught. My dog Swasi had a sweet tooth and loved dates—many coyotes eat dates out at the date farms in the desert.

My dogs loved to pick through my garden where everything was just composting on the soil to find dried up cantaloupe and honeydew melon rinds. They would crunch these up and play with them like bones.

I often fed my dogs guacamole mixes containing avocado, cabbage, lettuce, diced garlic, and powdered dulse (very important for trace minerals). Sometimes I would crack one or two raw eggs on top of their food.

I also always found the best results from feeding my dogs one big meal a day, with few if any snacks.

My dogs have been constantly complimented for their glowing fur. Their black pelts shine from all the avocados they eat!

With the exception of the occasional raw eggs, I fed my dogs an entirely raw food vegetarian diet. If they wanted to eat meat they would had to kill the animal themselves and eat it raw. My dog Rocki actually did it once! It was quite a shocking incident. He and Swasi woke me one night, I thought they had to urinate. I let them outside and Rocki took off running. I immediately chased after him, realizing he wanted to go outside because there was some creature out there. It was a skunk prancing through my garden. The skunk was so surprised, it missed its spray, and Rocki chomped it.

Dogs have not been addicted to cooked food as long as humans have. They return back to their natural state much faster than humans. Dogs can get their instincts back quickly.
I found with my dogs that they instinctively grazed grass almost everyday—not just when they were sick, as the popular myth dictates. Also, my dogs knew where the best grasses were located. When I would take them out on hikes, they would always find excellent quality grass. I often found myself chewing up some of the grass with them (they would give me the funniest looks!).

Avoid standard dog foods at all costs. Transition your dogs immediately. Again, dogs are omnivores and are closer to their natural state. They do not detoxify as strongly as humans.

Dog food comes from rendering plants. Rendering plants are where all kinds of animals—the diseased, the sick, the tortured, and the forgotten—are poured into a giant grinding machine which reduces them and cooks them into a powder. This powder is included in protein powders, dog foods, herbivorous animal feed, cosmetics, and all kinds of other abominable products.

Dogs are much more understanding of fasting and it may be a good idea to fast your dog for one or two days every few months. It will help them detoxify and increase their strength.

If you are concerned that your dog may have parasites, I recommend you feed your dog a guacamole mixture of chopped up garlic, lettuce, and avocado everyday for 3 or 4 weeks. I used avocado and fresh aloe vera on my dogs' skin whenever they had rashes or cuts. Both helped to heal them quite rapidly.

My dogs don't live with me anymore. I shared them with an ex-girlfriend. They now live with her in Sacramento. I send them boxes of avocados whenever I can and hope that they are being fed as well as I fed them.

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