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Raw Food Diet Plan and Raw Food Menu

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Food has to taste good. When changing to a healthier diet, your food should taste better. Most health recipe books today often provide you with incredibly tasteless and bland recipes. But the whole point of making recipes is to add flavor and nutrition to your life. When I prepare a meal, I want it to taste as good as possible. My motto is this: your meals should look better and taste better than cooked food. This is why the recipes in this book have been created to be pleasing to the palate. I wanted every single one of them to be like an explosion of pleasure in your mouth.

Since a cuisine based on raw fruits and vegetables in quite new for most people, it is necessary to become familiar with some new techniques and ideas.

You can experiment with some of the recipes provided on this website, and learn that way how to make great healthy, vegan food. The following articles can also give you some inspiration on what to make in the kitchen.

How to Make the Best Salads

How to Make the Best Dressings

How to Make Living Soups

How to Make Living Pies

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