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Articles on the Raw Food Diet, Vegetarian and Vegan

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Raw and Living Foods

Grains are not our natural food — Still thinking that whole grains are part of a heathy diet?

Natural Nutrition — David Wolfe reveals his secrets.

Raw Goal — Paul Nison tells us about his personal diet.

What I learned From the Germans — The raw food movement in Germany. NEW!

Eating Raw in a Cold Climate — More secrets from David Wolfe.

Growing Raw... With Baby The author shares her experience with the raw vegan diet, and that of raising a child on raw foods in Germany.

Tips for Sensible Eating A no-nonsense approach to the raw-vegan diet.

Asian Travel in the Raw Rob miller travel in South East Asia as a raw-vegan and reports on the wonders of the fruits there and the reactions to his diet.

Durian Days Revisited An excellent article exploring the issue of hybridized food.

Detoxification — Understand the meaning of symptoms that occur when transitioning to a raw food diet.

Raw Food & Art An artist explains how the raw food diet improved his art.


Fruitarianism Very few people are able to live on just fruit alone. It seems to be working for Anne Osborne.

The Fruitarian Diet — Fruitarian diets in comparison to vegetarian diets.

Fruitarian Evidence — Comparative anatomy studies prove that humans are frugivores.


How To Live 100 Years — Luigi Cornaro’s famous story. A must read. NEW!

The Man from Fargo. John Richter had a raw food restaurant in Los Angeles over 50 years ago. Read his amazing story.

Straight-Edge Sexauer Read about the life of Hermann Sexauer, a raw-vegan, radical, non-conformist.

Still Ehret After all these Years. The full story of the famous fruitarian.

Special Foods

Coconut Butter — Learn about the benefits of natural coconut oil.

Green Things The benefits of green foods in our diet.

Stevia: Sweet Plant From Paraguay — Discover the miracle properties of stevia and use it to replace sugar and honey.

Pineapple: King of the Fruits An enzyme bomb from the tropics

Papaya, the Wonder Fruit A true super food with multiple healing properties.

Mango, the Divine Fruit Explore the fantastic world of this fruit of the Gods.

Health & Energy

The Five Tibetans — Super-charge your energy using a very simple series of exercises.

Healthy living and optimum breathing. How proper breathing can help our health.

Vegetarian & Vegan Issues

Should Vegans Take Supplements? Is the vegan diet "dangerous"?

Participating in the Big Picture What it means to be a vegetarian.

Ethical Raw Veganism The differences between the vegan diet and the raw vegan diet. NEW!

Myths & Realities About Vivisection Learn the truth about animal experimentation. NEW!

Animal Experimentation: A scientific fraud. A short article on this important topic. NEW!

Who Gets Bone Disease? If you think milk can prevet osteoporosis, think again. NEW!

Other Topics

Messing with Mother Nature The issue of genetically engineered foods explored.

I live with a raw food carnivore. The author's experience of raising a cat on a raw food diet.

Raising Dogs on the Raw Food Diet. The author's experience of raising two dogs on a vegetarian, raw food diet.

Vaccination The medical time bomb of immunization against disease. NEW!

Home Exercise If you want to lose weight, you probably don't want it to take up a lot of your time. NEW!