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Animal Experimentation: a scientific fraud

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BY Albert Simon

Translated from the French
by Frédéric Patenaude

Today I don’t want to tell you all about the horrors of animal experimentation (vivisection). I think that you had plenty of occasions to see these horrors and to revolt yourself at the sight of these terrible images that remind us of another side of our humanity.

Many people have told me: “ can human beings be able to do such things?” I always respond: “Who else, do you think, would be able to do it?”

Paul Klee once said: “There are two summits of light in the world, the mountain of the Gods and the mountains of the animals. Between the two lies the obscure valley of humans.” Us who have the capacity to heal and love everything that surrounds us, we content ourselves to crawl in this dark valley that resembles us.

We are for the animals their worst nightmare come true, and making this happen, we become our own nightmare. The one of all human beings that you don’t hear about in the medias, those that suffered and still suffer from the consequences of animal experimentation.

If animal experimentation did not exist, no one could conceive this methodology today, with everything that we now know, without being laughed at by the scientific community. How can we scientifically explain that the effects of a product injected by force to a cat, in massive doses, could become a safety and efficacy warranty for an asthmatic child?

A report of toxicology, published in 1980, showed that more than 3500 asmathic children were killed by the effects of an isoprelanine air spray. The dilution doses had been determined through animal experimentation and showed that cats could, before dying, support concentrations of the products175 times higher than those of children. More intensive researches done after that on rats, dogs, and monkeys haven’t been able to reproduce the same effects that happened to the children.

In 1984, the medical newletter Lancet published an article that estimated to 10,000 the number of deaths caused by the anti- inflammatory phenylbutazone and oxyphenbutazone, whose use has been strictly limited since. They had been intensively tested on animals. Insisting to utilize living organisms for their experiments, researchers have neglected the fact that the metabolism of medicines varies largely from one species to another, as it was reported in a pharmacological study published in 1978. It has showed that phenylbutazone is metabolized by rabbits in 3 hours, by rats and dogs in 6 hours, by monkeys in 8 hours, but for a human being, it takes 72 hours — enough time for a dose, harmless for an animal, to become fatal for a human being.

If animal experimentation did not exist, the scientific community could not conceive today such a false and dangerous methodology. We cannot scientifically extrapolate the results from one species to another. A veterinarian would not advice to give to a dog a product tested on rabbits, but amazingly, animal experimentation recommends us to give this same products to your children or your parents.

The dogmatic propaganda in favor of animal experimentation uses a poorly informed public and the medias to cite all the cases where there are similarities between the reactions of humans beings and those of animals. It is obvious and natural that such similarities exist, but we only know after and never before. A comparative study of 23 products showed in 1977 that there was similarities in only four cases between the rat metabolism and the human metabolism — and there is no way to anticipate which ones with animal experimentation alone.

Everything I have mentioned can be verified in all university libraries open to the public, but rarely consulted because animal experimentation exists and is only rarely scientifically contested. The more ignorant you remain about these facts, the less efficient you will be by lack of credibility. People will accuse you of being too sensitive, to prefer animals instead of humans, and you will be laughed at by those who already have the acquired trust of the public and the medias.

The more you learn about this and help others to do it, the more confident and strong you will become, sure of yourself without arrogance. You will have pity, not only for the animals used in laboratories, but also for the poor patients who suffer the consequences.

You will even feel a certain pity for the vivisectors, handicapped from their own consciousness, lost in the misery of their dark universe, where never a glimmer of scientific logic shines, and knowing inside of themselves that never, never they will attain the grandness of soul of the smallest animal who will die for them, without ever knowing why.

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